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Accessibility Conversions

Make the web a more welcoming place and limit your chance of being on the business end of a hefty lawsuit. We will bring your website into WCAG compliance.



While there isn’t yet established legal consensus regarding the minimum level of accessibility on websites and whether it falls within the scope of the ADA, litigation continues to grow across the US. The best way to protect your business is to ensure your site is compliant with the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This action is what the DOJ has often mandated in rulings against businesses, and makes it highly unlikely that you will be the target of litigation in the first place.

We take a three step approach to bringing your website into compliance:

  • Every page is inspected using the WAVE® Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and all errors are remedied.
  • Using a screen reader, we navigate every page to make sure all content is readable and all functionality usable via keyboard.
  • After ensuring the website is compliant, we outline the most common errors on the site and explain how to prevent recurrence.

And as a bonus, you may get some new customers!

Frequently Asked Questions