FTL Web Hosting

Unlike other hosting providers, we work directly on your website and provide a tailored environment to squeeze out every bit of potential performance gain. Try us risk-free today.

We're not a giant company offering one-size-fits-all plans with limited resources and support from people who've never seen your website. Nor are we middle-men upselling another provider's service and claiming it as our own. We're developers first and foremost, who know how to optimize websites and put them in the perfect environment to run as fast and reliably as possible.

We don't trap you into a multi-year, money-up-front contract. With us, you don't pay anything until your site is fully migrated and you have time to test it out. You may cancel anytime (all payments fully refunded within the first 60 days), and we'll even help migrate your site to a different host. Why? Because we're confident you'll want to stay with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the migration process take and what do you need from me?

Most sites will be migrated in one or two days, with zero downtime. This is done by us at no additional cost.

We will need access to the website files (and database if your site uses one). If it's a WordPress website, the only thing we need is a login.

In most cases, the only other thing you need to do is update your website's nameservers. This is an easy process done through the domain registrar. If you're not sure how to do it, we will walk you through it.

Will you fix my site if it gets hacked?

Yes, if your site is hosted with us we'll fix it for free.

We'll first examine the scope of the hack and try to identify the vector and any malicious files / modifications. If we're confident it can be cleaned up, we'll do that. Otherwise we can revert your site to a point in time before the hack occurred.

If you want to migrate an infected site to our servers, we'll clean it for a one time fee of $100.

What kind of support do you offer and what does it cost?

Support is free of charge in regards to our service.

We can also help with a wider range of questions or tasks specific to your website (like updating content, adding a feature, blocking spam, etc.). However, with the exception of extremely quick tasks, this will be billed separately at our $60 hourly rate. We'll obviously make sure you're aware of this prior to beginning such work, so don't worry about getting a surprise bill.

How often are backups made and how long are they stored?

Backups are made every night in the early AM hours and transferred to Backblaze cloud storage. We will retrieve files for you free of charge.

Additionally, we run local RAID 10 to provide redundancy in case of hardware failure.

Retention policy :

Annual snapshots: 3
Monthly snapshots: 24
Weekly snapshots: 8
Daily snapshots: 30

I need to access / edit some files directly. Is that possible?

Yes. We will set up an easy-to-use web based file manager so you can have full access to do anything with your files. Even share specific files / folders with others. No need for FTP or other complicated solutions.

Can you register a domain for me?

Absolutely. We will handle this for you and make sure you have a working website. Your monthly bill will be increased by one dollar to cover the cost.

Can you set up a default WordPress site for me?

Of course.

We'll make sure everything is set up optimally from a performance, security, and SEO standpoint, and install a specific theme if you have one in mind.

We'll even get you set up with SMTP for reliable email delivery and give you a brief walkthrough of the ecosystem if you're not familiar.

How do you handle billing?

We integrate with Stripe to offer a monthly subscription with automatically recurring payments. You may use our client portal at any time to cancel the subscription, update your payment method, or view your previous invoices.

Why FTL?

Traditional Host

Inexpensive Monthly Plan

Our $20/site rate includes all of the features below with no long term commitment, no hidden fees, and no surprise changes. Cancel any time.

High Performance Servers

With AMD EPYC processors, RAID 10 NVMe SSDs, cutting edge software, and a 10 Gbit network connection, there's no need to limit visits, bandwidth, or files.

Fully Managed by Developers

We take care of all the technical stuff so you can focus on your website. And support is always free.

PageSpeed & SEO Optimization

As part of the migration process we work directly on your website to increase performance and ensure SEO best practices.

Reliable Daily Backups

Encrypted snapshots of your files and databases stored in the cloud, plus local redundancy via RAID 10. Our backups are not deleted after a month.

Top Notch Security

Reduce the risk of hacks and downtime with SSL, HSTS, DDoS / bot protection, containerization, secure tunneling, and site-specific Fail2ban filters.

Global Edge Caching & CDN

We leverage Cloudflare's global network of 250 edge nodes in 100+ countries, so you can reach 95% of the world's population within the blink of an eye.

Active Uptime Monitoring

If your website goes down, we'll know before you do. And if a server problem causes uptime to drop below 99.9% in any given month, you won't be charged.

Guaranteed Email Deliverability

Forget about emails not being delivered or ending up in spam folders. We'll set you up with an SMTP server for foolproof email delivery.

Smart Image Optimization

New images are scanned daily and optimized using vips. WordPress sites get our custom vips plugin to greatly improve image processing speed and quality.

Money Back Promise

If you're not satisfied with our service during the first 60 days, we'll refund all payments and help migrate your site to another provider.