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Cloudflare Tunnel: Expose services to the internet without compromising your firewall

November 3, 2021

Note: Since this guide was written, Cloudflare added GUI tunnel management in the Zero Trust Dasboard. See their blog post, Ridiculously easy to use Tunnels, for more info. Let's say you have a website running locally that you want to make publicly accessible. Pretty straightforward, right? Open up ports 80 / 443, maybe set up a reverse proxy, and add an A record pointing to your IP. Job done. Yo

Cloudflare Tunnel: Expose services to the internet without compromising your firewall

Backing up databases inside docker containers

November 1, 2021

We recently posted a guide to get up and running with the great backup tool Kopia and received a question asking if it was possible to use the Kopia installation on the host to back up container databases as well. Absolutely! Just use docker exec and mysqldump to export the database to the host filesystem as a sql file. The example below is similar to a command that we run as a cron job each night

Backing up databases inside docker containers

Fast and reliable automated cloud backups with Kopia and Backblaze

October 29, 2021

Kopia is a fantastic open source backup tool that offers encryption, compression, deduplication, and versioned incremental snapshots of your data. It’s very simple to set up and, in our experience, quite a bit faster than alternatives like Borg (which doesn’t integrate with cloud storage providers) and Restic (which doesn’t include compression). It supports Linux / Windows / macOS, and even has a

Fast and reliable automated cloud backups with Kopia and Backblaze

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